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Joke about that to the man to think, it is necessary to unbutton a fly, it is near from true. The major of women when speech comes about the novel, show such cunning to what the maniac would envy most is high. Therefore not so physical Kiev escorts is necessary for women. Besides, the major of women all life firmly believe that Ukrainian escort girl should be the most important person in life of the partner because put the man on the first place in the life. Many women endow own requirements to support the husband, to bring up its children, to master its house and to store to it fidel, despite of everything. For the major of women such relation extends and on Kiev escort too. The thought on having sex kiev or even to touch other man, them at all does not visit. The most naive believe, as their husbands consider as. The seminar devoted to distinctions between men and women, opens eyes to any bride and rescues set of families from divorce after all annly breaks up more half of marriages!

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The problem consists that the man operates under the influence of Kiev sex escorts agencies hormones from the moment of puberty and for the rest of the natural. However, when the man grows old, its reason starts to demand such that its body to execute is not capable. The requirement instantly to react to stimulus in due course weakens, but the most part of life of the man its brain very seldom ignores Kiev sex escort stimulus. In marriage there is also a good party. It learns us to fidel, tolerance, to self-restriction and another to useful qities, which to you not would be useful, if you remained bachelor. Men of "bebi-boom", that is born to 1 962 years, change twice more often, than women of the same generation. However new researches show that modern women at the age of 20-30 years have as much novels, how many and men of their age. These women work more often and are financially independent, and consequently, risk personal relations more safely. About half of all novels it is fastened on work. In certain circumstances can change any.

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The person who Kiev escort girl a novel on the party, at first even does not think of change. Probably, in its system of values in general there is no place to change but when circumstances develop successfully and possibil is given, the person gives in to temptation. It is difficult to resist, when you have just quarrelled with the partner, and on work the nice colleague starts to strew Kiev sex escort hints... Or the suntanned gardener does a compliment... Many of us consider that people of certain type and consequently have false feeling of safety are inclined to incorrectness only. Certainly, there are the people especially inclined to cas communications, but novels can happen at each of us. Men usly use convenient possibil, and women plan all in advance. Be not deceived in this respect. Do not think that here you never change to the partner. Is better think of situations and circumstances in which it can occur, and try to avoid them. Novels in first two years of marriage happen more often, than during any other time. During this period of the Kiev escort woman reflect, whether Ukrainian escort girl have made a correct choice and whether it will be better to live with someone another. On really to learn the partner, leaves about two years. If before marriage the man had a set of novels in the first years of home life it hardly will change at once. In an organism of such men testosterone level is very high. Besides, propens to such behaviour at times is put in the early childhood, and, becoming adults, these men continue to behave as before. In 2007 the researcher of family incorrectness of Shirli the Voice, the author of the book not simply friends ", Kiev escort found out that people who never intended to change to the partners, enter deep, passionate relations before have time to understand that have crossed the line separating Platonic friendship from romantic love. It is enough to men to notice convenient possibil that in their brain there was the chemical reaction pushing them to change. The women, changed to the partners, said that within the whole year prior to the beginning of the novel felt an emotional dissatisfaction.

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They admitted that all this time considered novel possibil on the party. From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that the more an emotional precipice between you and your partner, the above probabil of occurrence of illegitimate communication. The best way to preserve the family peace and rest is a straight talk about your relations. Those who decide to finish the novel marriage, often think that in this time all will be in another way. The chemical changes occurring in a brain, deceive many people, forcing them to believe that now it for ever. The statistics shows that so occurs only in 25 % of cases. 75 % of similar marriages come to the end with divorce. And still the most part of those who enters repeated marriage, considers that Ukrainian escort girl will get to these treasured 25 %. The novel forces the person to live in the illusory world of imaginations where it is not necessary to pay accounts and to wash a toilet. Potential buyers always in delight from the new car, but in its year it is necessary to send periodically in service. And then it becomes the most us car. The major of people do not notice change signs because are convinced that the partner will store it escort information. Therefore nobody searches disturbing signs. Even when change symptoms become obvious, many prefer to pretend that occurs nothing, than to solve the arisen problem. Women we wrote about why men are not so susceptible to similar signals, as women. Men do not possess abil to reveal the contradiction between words and acts. Therefore many men happen are shaken, having found out that partners it change.